No error here: Microsoft deploying Chinese censorship on global scale

Microsoft has responded to our research about Bing search results after initially responding with a “no comment”. We have actually already addressed most of their rebuttal in our original article. Here are the highlights. From Microsoft:

We’ve conducted an investigation of the claims raised by First, Bing does not apply China’s legal requirements to searches conducted outside of China. Due to an error in our system, we triggered an incorrect results removal notification for some searches noted in the report but the results themselves are and were unaltered outside of China.

We sent our research findings to Microsoft before publishing our blog post with an explicit query as to whether or not the odd search results were the result of a technical mistake. Microsoft originally responded by saying: “Thanks for your inquiry. We have no comment on this topic.”.

Microsoft says: “[T]he results themselves are and were unaltered outside of China”. This is simply not true. Please refer to the comparison chart in our original blog post. The Guardian confirmed our testing results concerning the 达赖喇嘛 (Dalai Lama) and did their own tests for 薄熙来 (Bo Xilai). The newspaper reported:

A search on Bing in Chinese for Bo Xilai (薄熙来), the former high-flying Chinese government official now serving life imprisonment for corruption, shows equally different results. The top search result is again Baidu Baike. Wikipedia is the third entry. There are no western reports on the politician on the front page. In English the search is topped by Wikipedia, then by stories from the New York Times, BBC and Financial Times.

A Google search in Chinese starts with the Wikipedia page and then several news articles chronicling his downfall from sources including the BBC and Voice of America.

Most results are partially censored and hard to detect if you don’t read Chinese. But we selected a term that is completely censored so that even a non-Chinese reader can easily confirm that the censorship exists. Please click this link to do your own testing.

This notice translates to “Due to legal obligations imposed by Chinese laws and regulations, we have removed the results for these search terms. For more information, please see here.”

In addition, Microsoft has failed to address our point on the censorship policy for international Bing in China. We have shown that this version is heavily censored but Microsoft has again failed to comment on this issue.

With regards to the homepage being absent from Bing search results, our investigation indicates that at some time in the past the page was marked as inappropriate due to low quality or adult content. After review, we have determined the page is acceptable for inclusion in global search results.

Bing aims to provide a robust set of high-quality, relevant search results to our users. In doing so, Bing has extremely high standards that respect human rights, privacy and freedom of expression.

As we explained in our blog post, we tested a search for “FreeWeibo” with safe search turned off. If the setting is off, often a search engine will return adult content. Ever with safe search “off” our index is still not shown, which runs contrary to Microsoft’s explanation. You can easily verify this for yourself. First turn off safe search, then click this link to confirm that none of the results come from

Microsoft’s alternate claim is that our site is “low quality”. is widely quoted and linked to by international media such as BBC and The Guardian. The website has a Google page rank of 5 out of 10 (by way of comparison, has a page rank of 7/10). would be in no way marked as spam content.

Microsoft is a signatory to the Global Network Initiative, which is an effort by a multi-stakeholder group of companies, civil society organizations (including human rights and press freedom groups), investors and academics to protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy on the Internet. As part of our commitment to GNI, Microsoft follows a strict set of internal procedures for how we respond to specific demands from governments requiring us to block access to content. We apply these principles carefully and thoughtfully to our Bing version for the People’s Republic of China.

We are happy Microsoft has signalled its intention to operate according to GNI principles, but we again reiterate our call that they release a transparency report for Bing, worldwide. We also believe that this is the perfect time for Microsoft to drop its excessive global censorship policy on any version outside of China and International bing inside China.

This story shines a negative light on both Microsoft and China. We fully expect the Chinese authorities to continue with their draconian censorship practice. But for Microsoft, this is an enormous opportunity - do the right thing and stand up to Chinese censorship now. It has damaged your credibility with customers and China’s efforts to boost its image overseas.



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星期六, 4月 04, 2015



在第二天,Mozilla也发表博文称:CNNIC给其他公司发行不受约束的中间证书是“令人震惊的做法”,而Mozilla的产品将不再信任由CNNIC根颁发的任何证书。 Mozilla还发表了关于他们的更详细的报告






网易的报道:“Chrome和Mozilla撤销了CNNIC CA”在发布后2小时之内就被删除。网易是中国最大的互联网服务提供商之一。





星期二, 3月 31, 2015


鲁炜和中国网信办很明显的升级了他们控制信息的战术. 防火长城由一个被动的过滤器变成了一个具有侵略性的主动的武器。 这是一个非常可怕的发展,这种行动的影响将会延伸至互联网的每一个角落。简明的说,当局已经以前是对中国,现在到全球互联网都要执行严格的审查制度。

星期五, 3月 27, 2015




  • 中国著名IT博客“月光博客”不加任何评论,将谷歌的文章翻译成中文。在谷歌和百度上用中文搜索“CNNIC中间人攻击”,他的这篇文章都是搜索的首个结果。3月26日,他在推特上表示,新闻办打电话给他, 要求立即删除他的这篇文章。原文 被删除了。但谷歌缓存仍然存在。

星期三, 3月 25, 2015



自从2013年,我们曾多次呼吁各大软件厂商撤销CNNIC颁发的证书。值得注意的是,我们提出这个问题的时候,我们报道了中国网信办(CAC)在谷歌,微软的Outlook,苹果,雅虎和Github上进行中间人(MITM)攻击。许多主流媒体在此前也纷纷报道了这些安全问题,在3月24日,Ars Technica的报道了谷歌宣布他们有确凿的证据表明CNNIC(中国互联网络信息中心)是使谷歌遭受MITM攻击的幕后黑手。







CNNIC的证书包含了主要的根证书和伪造证书,它们被几乎所有的浏览器和操作系统信任。由于public-key pinning机制,Windows和OS X以及Linux版的Chrome、ChromeOS和Firefox 33会拒绝这些证书,尽管伪造证书对其他网站可能是信任的。

星期四, 3月 19, 2015



像是回应最近华尔街日报(WSJ)的故事似的,我们经历了有史以来第一个分布式拒绝服务(DDoS)攻击。这种攻击是通过发动向洪水一般的大量垃圾请求来使网站崩溃 - 就在这篇文章在撰写的时候,每小时有大约26亿次请求。一般的网站根本不具备能力处理这么大的流量,所以在濒临崩溃后不得不被迫下线。




  • 攻击开始于3月17日,我们每小时都要收到高达26亿的请求,这是大约正常水平的2500倍以上。

  • 这种攻击影响了我们所有的镜像网站。虽然我们已经公开谈论过我们的使用“依附的自由”和手机APP来解放被中国当局封锁网站,华尔街日报的报道也明确这样的策略是如何奏效的,以及它如何成功地将未经审查的内容引入中国。我们已经解封了包括博讯,德国之声和谷歌等被中国封锁的网站。

  • 我们并不知道这次攻击的幕后黑手是谁。然而,攻击恰逢我们的组织在过去几个月中压力越来越大的时候。中国网信办(CAC)公开宣判我们是“由海外反华组织成立的反华网站”。我们也知道,CAC对我们的合作伙伴施压来使他们停止与我们合作。最近,我们还注意到,有人曾试图冒充我们来截取加密的电子邮件。

  • 上周,一个总部设在巴黎的无国界非政府组织的报道,用我们的“依附的自由”方法来疏通世界各地的九个网站,其中包括两个对中国比较重要的:明镜新闻和国际西藏邮报。


  • 巨大的请求数致使我们的带宽成本已经飙升至30000美元一天。我们正在使用亚马逊的云服务,我们仍不确定亚马逊会不会额外计算这笔费用。如果他们会,我们的服务将会显著的紧缩。

  • 我们需要像亚马逊这样的公司站在我们这一边,尤其是言论自由的一边。我们需要你告诉亚马逊,你认为言论自由是一个非常重要的问题,并且亚马逊作为全球互联网的领先推动者,在获取信息的上起到很重要作用。

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